The Delaware
Veterans Home

Application for Admission

Thank you for your interest in becoming a resident of the Delaware Veterans home. The application materials, including a checklist to assist in gathering documentation required to complete an admission request, are linked below. In order to be considered for residency at the Delaware Veterans Home, an applicant needs to meet the minimum requirements listed below:

The applicant must be a…

  • Honorable discharge from active service (peacetime or wartime) with a minimum of 180 days of service OR
  • Gold Star spouse or parent OR
  • National Guard Service or Reservist who is eligible for retirement pay at the age of 60 OR
  • National Guard overseas with active service minimum of 180 days OR
  • Reservist with a minimum of 181 days active service

AND must have….

  • Resided in the State of Delaware for at least one year prior to the submission of this applicationĀ 
  • A medically determined need for a skilled nursing level of care

Please ensure that all supporting documents are included with your application submission in order to prevent a delay in the processing of your request.

Click on each of the links below to download the files to your computer. After completing the information in the forms, please email them to